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Universal Peace Enforcement Organization
General Resource LTD. History


A former employee of Lockheed Martin established General Resource LTD. General Resource has built incredible aircraft since its start in 1948. Respected by the US and British governments for their adjustments to such already great planes like the Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon, adding delta wings and a thrust vectoring engine. As well as their adjustments to the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle adding forward canards making it much more agile. They also made the F/A-32C Erne which bears striking resemblance to the B-2 stealth bomber. Desperate to carry on their legacy of being the first in new technology of military aircraft, General Resource LTD. was willing to go to war to get the blueprints to the X-49 Night Raven. The company is now suspended from manufacturing any and all aircraft until 2010.

Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) is a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)