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Welcome to lee's family's web site. Where you can learn mindless junk about our odd family plus info on our lovely weather conditions.

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This is the ******* family web page. Of course you know the ******** that loveable family from a town where the only thing sane is ourselvs (and to tell you the truth I think we're a little batty) So you can only guess what the rest of this godforsaken vally is like.The weather lately has been unbearably hot. With near 100 degree tempatures and non stop sun. "It has been prooven by sicentists about the long term benifits of sunscrees" Well if you are interested here are some events going on: OUR EVENTS

1. Me mumsy just got back from Ireland with lots os presents (thanks mom)
2. Next week I am going camping with my boy scout troop (see web page at top) i love summer camp.

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