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My Oasis Super Page

Welcome to my webpage full of oasis pictures, news, and links!!


First Bonehead now Guigsy what's next. Now that both Bonehead and Guigs have left the band we are left to wonder if this is the end of OASIS. Well oasis' manager says no. He says they will continue all plans and are ready to hire replacements. OASIS is expected to have a new cd out early next year (recorded when guigs was still in the band, and i am not sure if Bonehead will be in that cd.)


Incase you haven't noticed the word Masterplan is all over this web page and with good reason too. The Masterplan is OASIS' newest and best cd. It is a magnificant cd that only OASIS can bring you. It is a brillant mix of songs previously recorded but never on any of their previous cds. I'm glad that these songs are finaly getting the recoginiton they diserve. If you don't have it already you should go buy it.

Along with a new cd comes a new giutar for Noel. Now his gituar shows his pride of Great Brittan by being painted with the British flag on front. In fact his giutar is in the new OASIS logo.